Belle App Information (for original members)

PLEASE READ the information below if you were a member of the Belle Hutt Live Community before October 2021.
  1. Seeing as you are a member of the Belle Hutt Live Community before the launch of the app and you still have an active/paying subscription via (the way you originally signed up to join the @bellehuttlivecommunity Instagram account) your account for the Belle App has been set up for you using the email address you originally used to sign up - if you wish to use a different email address for the app please inform me ASAP. You will need to click ‘LOG IN’ once you have downloaded the app, use the password sent to you from (which you will receive this week). A password has been automatically generated for your first sign in. You can change this password once you log in.
  1. Payment method. You do not need to do anything or change anything. If your card expires or you lose your card you can update your card details by logging into your account on . The Belle membership website has been developed specifically for all original members to be able to manage their subscription created prior to the launch of the app. Everyone who wants to (re)join after the launch of the app will only have an option to sign up via the app and their payment and subscription will be managed by the Apple/Google store. 
  1. Access to the @bellehuttlivecommunity Instagram account. As long as you do not cancel your subscription via the Belle membership website (people who signed up via before Friday 8th October 2021) you will remain in the @bellehuttlivecommunity Instagram page with access to ALL previous workouts as well as full access to the app. If you cancel your current subscription anytime in the future you will be taken out of the instagram AND the app when your subscription comes to an end. If you decide to join again you will only be able to sign up via the app, you will get full access to the app of course but you will not have access to the Instagram (nothing new will be posted in the instagram once the app has launched, so you won’t miss anything you just won’t have access to all the Instagram workouts but there will be plenty to do in the app so don’t worry).
  1. Price change. The monthly cost is changing. The price per month will be changing to 24.99. You will NOT have to do anything, this will change automatically. 
  1. Meal plans. A gift from Belle as a celebration of the launch of the app and a thank you for all your support so far. Belle’s Four Week Meal Plan has been carefully designed and put together by herself and a qualified nutritionist. The plan provides you with detailed information about each and every recipe from macronutrients to method and ingredients. This plan is to be followed alongside Belle’s daily workouts via the Belle app. Whether your goal is to increase your energy levels, improve your overall strength, drop a dress size or feel healthier and happier from the inside out, these recipes and this guide will help you do just that. You will receive an email with an attachment to the plan which you can open as a PDF or in iBooks on your iPad or iPhone.