Belle's Favourite Foodspring Products (for 15% off use code BELLEFSG)

For Exercise, Supplements & Recovery

Energy Aminos

My favourite flavour is apple by far!! I have this instead of my 1st breakfast. I make this drink with ice cold water in my Foodspring Shaker, I drink it 15-30 minutes before I workout on days where I feel particularly tired. This really, really helps - you'll feel ready and energised!

energy aminos

Recovery Aminos

This is my go-to drink after a tough sculpt/strength class. It contains plant based BCAA's for effective muscle recovery, quick accessible forms of carbohydrates (maltodextrin & dextrose) for energy and recovery and it contain no artificial colours.

rec aminos

Multi Vitamins

If you are looking for an all round, multi vitamin look no further. These are made with a vegan capsule and contain vitamins for important bodily functions. I take one every morning.


Whey Protein

I use this protein in smoothies, homemade granola, energy balls and porridge. My favourite flavour is banana. It is not just for post-workout use, you can use this powder to simple increase your daily protein intake at any time of the day.


Vegan Protein

Vanilla is my favourite flavour, this powder is not grainy like other brands of vegan protein. I love it smoothies, puddings, porridge and over-night bran flakes! It adds the perfect amount of sweetness.

vegan protein

Snacks, Puddings & Breakfasts

Protein Muesli

I tried this for the first time a few months ago, I am hooked!! I am a big fan of breakfast and this make the whole experience that little bit yummier!! I have two tbsp's with two tbsp's of bran flakes, coconut yogurt and almond milk.


Protein Balls

My go-to afternoon snack!! I absolutely love these little balls. As much as I love to make them myself, sometimes I don't have time, so these are just perfect! They are filling, energising and super yummy! I normally share a bag with Maikel as i find 5 (that is who much you get in a packet) is quite a lot. 

protein balls

Coconut Chips

These chips are perfect for snacking or adding to porridge, cereal or fruit salads (if you are feeling funky, you can even add them to savoury salads, like a watermelon and feta bowl). 

coco chips

Protein Brownie

Having a dinner party? Oh these are just perfect!! Or if you need a sweet, delicious but less sugary treat than normal brownies - get these! They taste just the same, I promise and are fun to make with the kids.

protein brownie

Nut Butter

Just three ingredients; cashews, dates & coconut. Oh this spread is the perfect addition to porridge, smoothies, toast, puddings, fruit, I really cant get enough of this!! I love to spread this on apple or inside dates. Tip - split the medjool date, insert some of this spread, pop it in the freezer for a couple of hours en voila, a sweet, healthy, super delicious snack!

Nut butter